Bioguard SilkGuard Complete Sticks (2023)

Bioguard SilkGuard Complete Sticks (1)

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(Video) How to Use BioGuard SilkGuard Complete 3" Tablets | 3.5 lbs.

Bioguard SilkGuard Complete Sticks (5)

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BioGuard SilkGuard Complete Multi-Benefit Chlorinating Sticks are a revolutionary product exclusive to BioGuard. These chlorine sticks differ from traditional chlorine because the SilkGuard Technologyactually softens the water by attaching to hard water components and metal surfaces, which protects your pool surface and equipment from scale, corrosion and staining, all while killing bacteria. SunShield Technology offers protection from the sunlight while the SmartGuard Technology helps the tablets last longer than traditional chlorine tablets. Last but not least Algae killing crystals help stop algae before it starts.

The SilkGuard Complete® Advantage

  • SilkGuard technology makes water soft and smooth and prevents scaling, protects against corrosion and metal staining
  • SmartGuard® technology makes tabs and sticks last longer than plain white chlorine products
  • Contains algae-fighting crystals from improved performance
  • All pools. All pumps. All applications.

Bioguard Smart Sticks

(Video) SilkGuard Complete Tablets

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      (Video) How Does SilkGuard® Work?

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      What is the difference between chlorine tablets and sticks? ›

      Chlorine sticks are larger and dissolve even slower than 3” chlorine tablets, but are not as popular. 1” chlorine tablets dissolve more quickly than 3 inch chlorine tablets or chlorine sticks, and are better suited to above ground swimming pools, smaller in ground swimming pools or spas.

      What are the benefits of SilkGuard complete? ›

      The SilkGuard Complete® advantage
      • The best BioGuard sanitizers feature a unique blend of premium technologies that are found ONLY at BioGuard dealers.
      • SilkGuard technology makes water soft and smooth and prevents scaling, protects against corrosion and metal staining.

      What product is the premium Step 2 product in the BioGuard 3 step system? ›

      Step 2 – Sparkling water.

      Is it cheaper to use liquid chlorine or tablets? ›

      Because of the added stabilizer, chlorine tablets are often a little pricier than liquid. Chlorine tablets come in one-inch and three-inch sizes. For most pools, a three-inch tablet is recommended. They're more straightforward to apply and can sanitize 5,000 gallons per tablet.

      Should I use chlorine tablets or shock? ›

      You do need to use both tabs and shock. Without tabs, the chlorine shock will dissipate quickly out of the water; without shock, the chlorine level will not get high enough to fully sanitize the water. You should aim to keep the chlorine level at between 1 and 3 ppm.

      What are the benefits of Chlor? ›

      Besides killing dangerous germs like bacteria, viruses and parasites, chlorine helps reduce disagreeable tastes and odors in water. Chlorine also helps eliminate slime bacteria, molds and algae that commonly grow in water supply reservoirs, on the walls of water mains and in storage tanks.

      What BioGuard product increases alkalinity? ›

      BioGuard Balance Pak 100 is used to raise total alkalinity. Maintaining proper total alkalinity prevents pH from bouncing due to rain, bather load, and other chemical applications.

      Is power powder plus the same as shock? ›

      The Power Powder Plus is the fastest dissolving shock on the market, ensuring a quick shock and preventing the chance of particle staining. The shock is comprised of 73% chlorine to handle the toughest of bacteria and algae for a sparkling clean pool.

      Is BioGuard pool complete a clarifier? ›

      Pool Complete Description:

      Phosphates build up in water over time and are not normally tested for or treated but can lead to both a waterline buildup and murky water, Pool Complete® takes care of this for you while also providing a water clarifier that will help your filter remove any dirt or other contaminants.

      What is the cheapest way to chlorinate a pool? ›

      Liquid Chlorine

      The liquid form of chlorine is the cheapest way of adding chlorine to a pool. Simply pour it directly into the water in front of a return jet to disperse it throughout the pool.

      Should I use liquid chlorine day or night? ›

      Liquid chlorine is not stabilized and will burn off quickly in sunlight. Therefore, it should be administered in the evening, after the sun has set.

      Why are pool chlorine tablets so expensive now? ›

      With supply chain constraints and the ongoing chlorine shortage, you can expect a 58 percent increase in chlorine prices compared to last year, according to a Goldman Sachs report. Prior to the chlorine shortage, a typical 50-pound bucket of chlorine tablets would have cost $75 to $85.

      What is the cheapest way to shock a pool? ›

      Calcium Hypochlorite: Also referred to as cal hypo, this chemical is one of the least costly and most convenient ways to shock your pool. It's usually sold in granular form. Needs to be dissolved before you add it to the pool. Must be used after dusk.

      Should I shock my pool even if chlorine is high? ›

      If your total chlorine level is high, you will use a non-chlorine shock; if it is low, you will use a chlorinated shock. As a rule, you will need to raise free chlorine to 10 times your combined chlorine to hit what is known as “break point.” Therefore, it is good to deal with combined chlorine while it is still small.

      Is pool shock stronger than chlorine? ›

      Chlorine and shock are not the same thing. Shock has a more intense chemical strength than the traditional chlorine sanitizers, and it also differs in how you should apply it to your swimming pool.

      What are the disadvantages of chlorination? ›

      Although chlorination is widely used, it has several disadvantages, such as formation of disinfection by-products and being ineffective against some types of microbes.

      What are the cons of liquid chlorophyll? ›

      But there are some possible side effects, including:
      • digestive problems.
      • diarrhea.
      • green, yellow, or black stool, which can be mistaken for gastrointestinal bleeding.
      • itching or burning, when applied topically.
      Nov 9, 2020

      What does chlorophyll do for females? ›

      Chlorophyll May Help With Weight Loss

      A small study of 38 females found that the participants who took a supplement containing chlorophyll once daily lost more weight than those who did not take the green plant membrane supplement. The study found reduced cholesterol levels in the group who took the supplement as well.

      Are chlorine tablets better? ›

      The most important factor in keeping a pool clean is by adding chlorine to it. Chlorine can be added in many ways, but the most effective and also the most convenient way is to use chlorine tablets.

      Why not to use chlorine tablets? ›

      When used in a tablet feeder, like those employed by most wastewater systems, the tablets are only partially submerged. Under these conditions, the tablet will release toxic gasses that not only are dangerous but will corrode everything they contact.

      What are the pros and cons of chlorine tablets? ›

      Pros are that in tablet form it's slow dissolving and can hold a chlorine level within the pool for a longer period of time. Cons are it can raise the CYA too quickly and can cause issues on the pool surface if comes into direct contact with it.

      Is it better to put chlorine tablets in skimmer or floater? ›

      Remember that other things like your pool water temperature and water pressure can impact the amount of time it takes your tablet to dissolve. And a larger, 3-inch tablet will break down more slowly than a 1-inch tablet. We recommend using an automatic chlorinator or a floater for your chlorine tablets.

      Where is the best place to put chlorine tablets in a pool? ›

      Skimmer. Adding chlorine tablets to your skimmer is one of the best places to dispense chlorine, and it is also the easiest. There is no hassle and no extra equipment necessary. With a constant stream of water running through the skimmer most of the day, it offers a great spot to distribute chlorine.

      Do chlorine tablets raise or lower pH? ›

      Chlorine tabs lower pH and Total Alkalinity and increase cyanuric acid levels.

      Can you put too many chlorine tablets in a pool? ›

      The overuse of these tablets can also disrupt the balance of chemicals in your pool water, which could cause the pH level to go too low. Low pH levels cannot be reversed without the replacement or resurfacing of your pool water. It is a simple, yet costly, and damaging mistake.

      Is it OK to put chlorine tablets in skimmer? ›

      We never recommend adding your chlorine tablets to the skimmer or pump. Your pump and filter are the two driving forces that keep your pool clean and healthy. If you put your tablets in the skimmer, the tablets will dissolve and form highly acidic water.

      What is the strongest chlorine you can buy? ›

      Product Description. The 1 Gal HASA 4×1 Liquid Chlorine is the purest, strongest, and fastest working liquid chlorine available. Up to 25% stronger than other leading brands. HASA liquid chlorine is a sodium hypochlorite solution, marketed for use in the treatment of water in swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs.

      Does brand of chlorine tablets matter? ›

      No matter what type of chlorine you use – Trichlor, Dichlor or Cal Hypo – look for a respected brand of domestic pool chlorine, and steer clear of chlorine products of dubious origin or of poor materials and workmanship.

      Will chlorine tablets clear a green pool? ›

      Will chlorine clear up a green pool? Yes! In fact, enough chlorine kills algae which causes green pool water. but it takes a large amount in the form of calcium hypochlorite super shock.

      Which is better chlorine tablets or powder? ›

      The benefit of chlorine tablets is that the tablets slowly dissolve over time so therefore you have a supply of chlorine entering the water over a period. Chlorine granules however must be added so there is a higher risk that levels may drop if the hot tub is not attended to, adding risk of bacteria growth.

      Why are 1 chlorine tablets so expensive? ›

      According to experts, American manufacturers can't streamline their chlorine production due to growing market sentiment. Because the supply and demand don't match, the prices remained higher than in the last quarter. There was also a pandemic-driven boom in the construction of pools.


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